NSFC Speed Records

***  Highest speed as of 2nd August 2014 - 252.8KmHr - Alistair Dally ***

All members welcome to post - Don't hesitate to contact CFI if you need a hand with the purchase, setup or use of telemetry and GPS logging systems.

NB: Spektrum DX8 users

Make sure you update to firmware vers: 3.01 for the following telemetry benefits:

- Updated telemetry to include the GPS Distance calculation found in our higher radios.
- GPS supports a “home” altitude. This cannot be used to generate an alarm at this time, but it does make it easier to understand altitude above ground level.
- At the GPS status screen, press CLEAR to set the altitude to 0. This will also set the “home” position for the Distance calculation.
- Telemetry “Settings” menu has new option to auto-populate the list of sensors reporting from the model at the current time.
- Telemetry filename now defaults to the model name. It is NOT retained through a power-cycle or when changing the model.